Our Rating Criteria

Pre-workout is serious business. These are your gains we’re talking about! You want to make the best decision for your health, but there are thousands of products, and it seems like each one claims they’re the best around. 

Buy the first pre-workout you come across, and you can end up paying too much for a low quality product or even a product which does not properly fit your needs.

Think of Preworkout.com as your gym buddy, the one who’s tried everything so you don’t have to. Using a 5 Point System, we rate and rank products from dozens of brands so you can feel confident that whatever pre-workout you choose is the one that’s going to fasttrack your gains for the best price possible. 

Our 5 Point System, Explained 


Plenty of sites offer “bang for your buck” products, but that isn’t enough for us. We point you to products which will give you the BIGGEST bang without breaking your bank. Whatever your price point, we’ve got the best pre-workout for you. 


A lot of pre-workouts are only loosely regulated by the FDA, and buyers are often poorly informed about what constitutes a quality supplement. Shady manufacturers take advantage of this to produce low quality products which then sell prices far above their actual worth. 

The products we recommend have all been independently tested and approved by third parties, so you can be sure that what you’re putting in your body is the real deal.  


Pre-workout can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Other sites jack up the prices of their products to make a quick buck. We collaborate directly with the manufacturers in order to provide you with the lowest price possible. 

Customer Rating 

At the end of the day, the most important thing about any pre-workout is whether it helps real people improve their health. We take into consideration hundreds of customer ratings in order to find products that consistently deliver results to satisfied customers. 

Company Rating 

We don’t take our recommendations lightly. The last thing we want is to recommend a product from an untrustworthy company because that would reflect poorly on us and result in a bad supplement buying experience for our customers. 

All the brands we recommend are from highly rated companies with established track records of: 

  • Excellent Customer Service 
  • High Product Quality 
  • Prompt Shipping Practices